In order to achieve the overall objectives of “Diamond Action Plan for Biotech Takeoff”, and also in light of the resolution from the 182nd National Science Council Committee Meeting, that “NSTPBP (National Science and Technology Program for Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals) and NRPGM (National Research Program for Genomic Medicine) should merged together so as to integrate and consolidate the existing domestic biomedical infrastructures, accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies, and strengthen the domestic biomedical industry”, a 6-year “National Research Program for Biopharmaceuticals (NRPB)” was launched in 2011. The Program focuses on the R&D of new drugs/new reagents/new therapeutic strategies/new medical devices in a product-oriented approach, aims at developing a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical pipeline, and streamlines the operating system of preclinical testing and early clinical trials. By bringing “value identification” to “value creation”, we hope to fulfill the vision of turning scientific concept into products. Our ultimate goal is to develop new therapeutics for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
For a long time, our academia has nurtured excellent scientists and incubated strong and competitive researches, which are the foundation stone for great development in the field of biomedicine. These innovative studies will foster the domestic biomedical industry if integrated and value-added through proper mechanisms. In addition, we have accumulated capabilities and experiences in preclinical studies and clinical trials; while the domestic industries, under various supporting measures promoted by the government, are actively involved in the research and development of biomedical products or services. Under such circumstances, NRPB encourages and funds projects with application value, or are product-oriented for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of important diseases. Through integration and connection, the Program will enhance the capacity and strengthen the capability of the midstream function along the biopharmaceutical development pipeline, bringing the value of R&D from screening, identification, expansion to creation. The Program emphasizes both vertical and horizontal integration, not only linking the upstream to downstream, but also providing consultation and collaboration. The funding agencies of NRPB include National Science Council (NSC), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Department of Health (DOH), and Atomic Energy Council (AEC). And the participating organizations include Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB), National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) and Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE). Together with various universities, research institutions, medical centers and the industries, the Program provides a platform for vigorous communications and boosts the interactions/collaborations between government/academia/industry, increasing the willingness of enterprises to invest in the field of biomedicine, thus uplifting the development of domestic biomedical industries, and doubling the value of its output.