Translational Medicine Project

Introduction: Translational Medicine is responsible to transfer basic researches into clinical researches and explore the mechanism of pathogenesis as well as better treatments. With the effort of translational medicine projects, it could speed up the progression of the medical development by enforcing the communication among basic researchers, clinical professionals and patients.

  1. Research FieldCancer, Infectious Disease, Heritable Diseases, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases, Neurological & Psychological Diseases are considered the main focuses, but not limited. Studies with preliminary data or clinical evidences are highly recommended.


  1. Research (product developed by Taiwan has priority)
    1. New drugs study that finished basic pharmacological testing
    2. Biomarker (e.g., cancer biomarkers)
    3. Diagnostic kits & testing reagents
    4. Biologics development including Vaccine & Biosimilar
    5. Medical & bio devices development
    6. Orphan drugs development
    7. New treatment: cell therapy, immune cell therapy, and gene therapy, etc…
    8. New medical technology
    9. Clinical - laboratory related study: laboratory analysis and pharmacogenomics study based on clinical examination