Resource Center Services


In order to fulfill the goals of NRPB and maximize the usage and effect of existing pharmaceutical R&D capacities in Taiwan academics, NRPB Resource Centers are set up by consolidating and enhancing the expertise, facilities, and technologies for biopharmaceutical development that have been well established in various academic, medical, and research institutes and centers in Taiwan. The missions of Resource Centers are to fully support the biopharmaceutical research needs through the provision of high-throughput and state-of-the-art instruments, along with specialized experimental, analytical and consultation services on a routine or customized basis for NPRB, domestic and overseas researchers. There are 6 groups of Resource Centers:

  1. Structural Determination of Genes and Proteins
  2. Animal Models for Human Diseases
  3. Chemical Synthesis at Small Scales
  4. cGMP Biologics Pilot Plants, GLP Tox, and DMPK Studies
  5. Chemical and Bio-specimen Banks
  6. Translational Medicines Resource Centers and Disease Specific Clinical Trial Consortiums